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  THANK YOU  for the gifts for Alliance children's project 12/2015

Dear, Cheryl Thoms, Judy McLeod, Maria McCann, Raquel Yapchai, Rula Ali-Bakr, Randa Gayar, Maureen Ballesteros, Diane Morris, Kathy Cox, Jan Dismond, Tinsi Olds, Jay Kommareddi, Anjali Misra, Sue Soderstrom, Mary Ryan, Barb Pougnet, Marty Antell, Dianne Thompson, Barbara Adams, Dr. Nita Kulkarni, Marsha Gould, Oya Agabigum, Donna Negete- Lopez and Sabita Tummala.
                Sabita and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous gifts to the 39 children at the Hispanic Technology Center in Flint. Each child received a toy, full outfit and a Spanish children's book. This Christmas was very special for these children because they come from families that are at the poverty level and some of them just came in to the United States. These children would not have received gifts for Christmas if it wasn't for your passion to share some of your blessings.When Sabita and I visited the Center we left with tears in our eyes and we knew in our hearts that we had to do something and we knew we could depend on our Alliance members. Each child also received a new coat, hat and gloves from St. Luke New Life Center. St. Luke's also provided full groceries for each of the families the week of Christmas, this was given to them from the food pantry at St. Luke. I called Sister Carol and Sister Judy and they both said  they would help the children and their families.
              The Director of the Hispanic Center Ms. Samjuana Olivares said the parents were overwhelmed with gratitude, joy, and were amazed beyond words. They said they were amazed because no one has ever done anything for them and their children. Sabita and I are so proud to be apart of the Alliance because we do make a difference in the community, a community that gives us so much in return. Thank you to Dr. Kulkarni for the Spanish children's books and to Cheryl's daughter, Marsha Gould, for donating extra hats and gloves. Thanks to Oya and Donna for calling in to participate, but, by the time they called in all of the families were taken. The fact that you called in to do something to me is like you did it. A special thank you goes out to Cheryl who organized all of the people and made calls and emails . You are a gem in our Alliance, we could not have done it without you. Our Alliance members have great hearts and we always step up to the plate when we see a need in our community. It is because of this that I am proud to be a member and will always be as long as I live in this community!

Thank you,
Jeanette Rivera and Sabita Tumala